Alert tab does not appear - Sqlite to Grafana

I have an issue with Grafana, Alert tab does not appear for me.
Do you have any ideas ?
Maybe its the Sqlite plugin that I use.

Thanks !


I think that is not supported for SQLite currently :

Alert execution

Alert rules are evaluated in the Grafana backend in a scheduler and query execution engine that is part of core Grafana. Only some data sources are supported right now. They include Graphite , Prometheus , InfluxDB , Elasticsearch , Google Cloud Monitoring , Cloudwatch , Azure Monitor , MySQL , PostgreSQL , MSSQL , OpenTSDB , Oracle , and Azure Data Explorer .

Link :

Hope it helps.

Good Luck

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what version of the grafana are you using at the moment ?

my grafana version is v7.4.2

is it possible to downgrade?

it I can handle alerts yes :slight_smile:

ok then the issue is resolved

What do you mean ? What kind of version should I use ?

but you said with another version you can handle alerts . then you take this version

No sorry, Its my first time with grafana, I never tried an other version than v7.4.2. What I meant is that if you know of an older version that works with alerts SQLITE , I can downgrade my version

yes! try out older version, for sure