Alert notification with multiple tags on metric

Hi there,

I’m currently using Grafana with OpenTSDB and I would like to set up an alert to detect if a partition is almost full.Nothing really hard here.

But the problem is the alert notification.

My metric looks like this :

sys.disk.kbytes.pused timestamp value host=server1 partition=/home
sys.disk.kbytes.pused timestamp value host=server1 partition=/boot
sys.disk.kbytes.pused timestamp value host=server2 partition=/var

I created a simple graph that gather values for all hosts and partitions (I don’t want to have to manage a host list or partition list) and I created an alert on this metric.

Actualy the notification just include a message specifying that the metric sys.disk.kbytes.pused have reached the threshold. The message doesn’t include which tags values are related to this alert.

Do you know if there is a possibility to add the tags values in the alert message ?