Adding Tag values to alert message

I am having issues with the alerting system on Grafana. We are trying to monitor multiple PC’s and report on each one. It is sending the alerts to a webhook which I am receiving in Node-RED. We want each alert to send the hostname of the pc. I have been able to set the alerts to send the hostname on alert active.

I am having issues when it send the OK message after the alert is no longer active. I want it to still send the hostname on the OK message.

At the bottom of the alert tab, it has a spot to insert tags.

I cannot seem to make this send the hostname tag value.

Can anyone help on sending the hostname value in both the alerting message and the ok message?

Hello @spectrummclaughlin,

Could you please share the configuration about how to send “hostname” for the active alerts via webhook? I have configured the alarm but I couldn’t send the hostname.

dashboardId: 53
evalMatches: [
“value”: 0.10425382157981751,
“metric”: “ArcGISServer”,
“tags”: {
“process”: “ArcGISServer”
“value”: 0.17004617171747974,
“metric”: “ArcSOC”,
“tags”: {
“process”: “ArcSOC”
message: “TEST Alarm for $instance and $server”
orgId: 1
panelId: 17
ruleId: 2
ruleName: “ArcGIS Processes - CPU Time Total alert”
ruleUrl: “http://xx.xx.xx.xx:9090/d/2334Fermf3/arcgis-app-process?tab=alert&editPanel=17&orgId=1
state: “alerting”
tags: {
“node”: “{{server}}”,
“nodeName”: “{{instance}}”
title: “[Alerting] ArcGIS Processes - CPU Time Total alert”


@kursadcan @spectrummclaughlin

I’m curious about this too (using Grafana 7). Were you able to figure this out?

From the Alert page, I can Test Rule and this shows me some interesting info in the Object. There must be some way for me to pull some of that into either alert message or into the tags, no?


Do you have any idea on how to send date and time in this?