Alert based on multiple metrics with template variables in summary

I want to monitor a few selected windows services on multiple servers that are not disabled.

Query A: windows_service_state{state="running", <few more conditions>}
Query B: windows_service_start_mode{start_mode="disabled", <few more conditions>}
Classic condition: last() of A is below 1 and last () of B is below 1

The alert seems to work but the problem is I am not able to use the template variables in Summary or Description to tell which server and which service is not up and running.

Summary: {{ $ }} is not running on {{ $values.A.environment }}
Expected: Plug and play is not running on myservername
Actual: [no value] is not running on [no value]

Also tried {{ $ }} instead of {{ $ }} but still same problem

Anyone? I am probably not the first person attempting this.