Aggregating Watt values of a whole day to kWh


I have an SMA solar inverter which is hooked up to InfluxDB. In InfluxDB I have the following values:

DC Amp
DC Volts
AC Volts
AC Amps
AC Watts

The SMA inverter is also able to present a day yield value in kWh, however I want to be able to aggregate all values myself and store these values in InfluxDB so I can look up yields day to day and eventually month to month and year to year.

How can I accomplish this in InfluxDB and/or Grafana?

You may get more help at the InfluxDB community site regarding how to be able to store your data in another format in influxdb.

As soon as you have the data in a format you want it should be easy for you to visualize it in Grafana.

Good luck