Advanced query with nested object


I have the following objects in elasticsearch:

  "traceID" : "27c4e73814565e74",
  "spanID" : "c957afee8a34cbf8",
  "parentSpanID" : "27c4e73814565e74",
  "flags" : 1,
  "operationName" : "InfluxService.getKnownEmployees",
  "references" : [ ],
  "startTime" : 1512984656613000,
  "startTimeMillis" : 1512984656613,
  "duration" : 15219,
  "tags" : [
          "type" : "string",
          "value" : "Open Projects Tab",
          "key" : "businessTransaction"

The problem is the data structure is defined by the tool we use to obtain traces and we cannot change it. We wrote a java program to identify and tag all traces with a business transaction name and now we want to display some charts in Grafana. But we were unable to aggregate or filter our data based on the business transaction tag. The problem is we somehow need to define a nested query or nested aggregation. Is there any way we can accomplish this with Grafana?
So far it seems as this is not possible with Lucene and Grafana but maybe I missed something?

Thanks for your support.


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Grafana doesn’t support nested queries or aggregations at the moment. There’s an open issue over at Github that you can upvote.


not sure about what is actually needed, more examples would be nice.

However, Grafana has query result transformations.
i.e. in panel you are usually focused on Query,
But right bear it, there is a transform tab.

So, in some cases, for some data sources, you could apply additional filtering to the query result.