Addressing Permissions and Security Concerns in Grafana Dashboard Embedding

Hello, I recently started using Grafana, and some questions have arisen that I believe are important to address. Currently, I have a dashboard with various panels embedded on my website, and to make this work, it was necessary to allow anonymous viewing.

With that said, a problem arose for which I couldn’t find a solution, and I would like to know if one already exists. The issue is as follows: After allowing the viewing of these panels on my website, users can now visit the dashboard and have various options, such as exporting data, among others. I would like to know if there is a way to somehow block these options.

Hello, I had read that, and I can’t figure it out how can I disable the share options for non-authenticated users.

Correct. That is blog post, which covers all possible options for embedding. Maybe another option will be more suitable for your use case.