Adding value to time variable data link

hello everyone,

im new to Grafana and so far im loving it! now i do have a problem that i cant find an answer to. im making a website that shows data for a company. now this company asked me to add an message board that can redirect you to another page. im using a table for this with a data link. now the problem appears when i want to add a timestamp so you can view a certain part of that data.

there is a timestamp attached to the message so that isnt the problem. im using ${__value.time} to get this time. but im trying to get a 1 min before and a 1 min after for the panel. now i have tried a lot of things. it first started with just ${__value.time+120000} hoping it would work. but many other attempts later i still couldnt add the extra amount of time to the raw time value.

im doing this because i want to show the data 1 minute before the message comes in and 1 min after the message comes in. the string currently looks like this : <httpslink>&from=${__value.time}&to=${__value.time}

im currently using Grafana v8.3.2

i looked at most of the Grafana docs about variables and wasnt able to find anything about it. if someone could help me with this problem i would appreciate it a lot.


pls see if this is what you are looking for:


docs: Time range controls | Grafana documentation