Operating on variables of data link

Hello all,

I am currently using Grafana OSS 8.3.4 with InfluxDB as data source. I want to use the data link feature to redirect me to another dashboard when I click on a data entry in a table. In addition to this I would like to also add a custom time range to the URL. So far, I have been able to add the timestamp of each entry in the table to the url using:


This displays the data onwards from the timestamp of the value. I would like to include a time range by adding ‘to’ in the url which should be 10 seconds from that timestamp. Something like this:


I have tried many ways to perform this operation, but with no success. Is this the correct way to do it? Are there a better ways to add custom time range?

I would greatly appreciate your help!
Thank you.

im currently having the same problem. i have also tried to make it work with custom variables but with no luck. if you have found something i would love to hear it!

I am looking for same thing, where i can pass absolute date range with Data Links.

Don’t see any documentation. Tried following but doesn’t work: