Adding Relevant Information In Grafana Alerts

Version: Grafana v10.4.0 (Local Host 3000)
Data Source: SQL Database

I have an alerting condition that triggers when a value of 175 or more is detected. The table from my alert query has two values the error, and the number of times the error occurred. The alert query table looks like this:

The annotations are currently blank:

The body of the alert when sent through MS Teams looks like this:

My issue is the body of the alert only displays the value and not the error associated with it. How do I get it to add to the body what error is associated with the value?

Define annotation, e.g. description:

{{ $values.B0.Value }} errors with description: {{ $labels.Description }}

Don’t blame me if it doesn’t work, just check doc and improve it if there is any typo/issue:

In 10 mins when my alert retriggers we shall see.

no dice, sadly