Adding metric values as labels similar to label_join?

Grafana 10.1

I need a prometheus query/function that returns the values of 3 separate metrics into one new metric where the new metric has 3 labels that contain the value_ of the original 3 metrics.
All of the original metrics would have the same labels.

ie. the existing metrics and values
metricA {rack=“a”} 1
metricB {rack=“a”} 2
metricC (rack=“a”} 3

the query
{name=~ “metricA|metricB|metricC”, rack=“a” }

some function ? like label_join?
I don’t know if this exists or if there is another way to go about this.
My question is there a way to go about this?

desired results
newMetric { rack=“a”, metricA=“1”, metricB=“2”, metricC=“3” }