Adding annotations 'programmatically'

Hi everyone !

I want to add annotation to my graph and I saw that I can use templating for that. But I have to add a lot of annotation and continuously. So I want to know if there is a way to add it with a query, like that I can feed a table with my annotation on my database and grafana will take it automatically. I don’t want to hold Ctrl + click on the graph to add the hundred annotations I have on a regular basis.

I used the following query :

  Datum as time,
  Tyype as text,
  taag as tags

with my table panne3 (id int, Datum date, tyype text, taag text)

but it gives my the error : Value column must have numeric datatype, column: tags type: string value: Type 2.
How I can set tags as numerical values, it must be text ?

Thanks a lot for your answer !

No matter, I found…

What was it you “found”?

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