Adding additional Nagios XI server

Hi All

Sorry I this has been covered elsewhere, I have had a quick Google and nothing pops out so I though I would ask

Is it possible to connect Grafana to second an instance of Nagios on a different server?

The longer explanation:
OK so I have built our companies first Grafana server, I am running it off the back of our Nagios Infrastructure server and it is working perfectly. What I would like to do is now connect our second Nagios sever to that original instance of Grafana, the idea is to keep everything on one screen so I can create some dashboard for the department to see on a big screen.

All servers are running CentOS 6.9, I am guessing that the Grafana PNP install will need to be on all servers but am reluctant to install without guidance, are they any instructions or guides out there please.

Is it just a case of installing the following on the other Nagios server and connecting the data source?

Install PNP Components

Execute these commands to download and install PNP4Nagios:

cd /tmp
wget -O pnp4nagios.tar.gz
tar xzf pnp4nagios.tar.gz
cd pnp4nagios-0.6.26
./configure --with-perfdata-dir=/usr/local/nagios/share/perfdata
make all
make install
make install-webconf
rm -f /usr/local/pnp4nagios/share/install.php

Execute these commands to install the PNP4Nagios components for Grafana:

grafana-cli plugins install sni-pnp-datasource
cd /usr/local/pnp4nagios/share/application/controllers/
wget -O api.php ""

Anyone have any ideas? or do i need two instances of Grafana?

Seems like you can add an additional PNP datasource in Grafana, so I would think that you can add your second Nagios XI pnp4nagios URL to the second PNP datasource in Grafana.