Adding a query string to the URL being passed into Grafana's Simple JSON Plugin

I am working on some scripts that are passed to Grafana through a URL in the Simple JSON Plugin as shown below.

This works as expected until I attempt to pass in data by adding a query string to the URL such as: “?varName1=varValue1&varName2=varValue2”. Based on what I have read I believe this is due to a conflict with Grafana adding on /query, /tag-keys, etc. to the end of the provided URL by default which would likely be disrupted when any additional information is added to the end of the standard URL.

Question: Is there a way to pass a query string with the Simple JSON plugin or do I need to switch to the JSON API plugin?

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I can’t say for certain, but it sounds like you might already have the answer. I prefer the JSON API plugin, and it should be able to handle query strings

This is the route I ended up taking, thank you.

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