Add timeseries to month

I am struggling to get this over graph. Have around 15 rows in mysql DB each with corresponding date in month in format ex: 2020-04-02 and so on. I have one more INT column/field with some data against each row.
below is my query
((DAY(LAST_DAY(Date))2460)-SUM(issue))/(COUNT(issue)*1440) AS “result”,
MONTHNAME(Date) AS ‘metric’
FROM table
This gives me data as i want when all the days are same for 15 rows. Like 2020-04-01 for all rows. If the dates are different then it considers one row probably the last one. I would like to aggregate or sum the whole days data of that month. Probably i should change something in where clause, tried MONTH(Date) but that doesnt show any data.
Any help here would be really appreciated.
Thank you.