How to create my first Graph


Sorry for my English

I have a sheet in mssql in which every 10 seconds a line of data is added: date - time - amount(random(100-1000)). I want to get a graph with sum of amounts from my data grouped by minutes (for instance, ten instances from 16:00 to 16:10 with 6 sums of amounts in each). There are no errors displayed, yet I get an empty graph. What could be the issue?
> [Date] as time,
> SUM([Amount])as VALUE
> FROM TestGrafana
> __timeFilter([Vrem9]) > GROUP BY [Vrem9] ,[Date] > ORDER BY __timeGroup([Vrem9],$__interval)


Your use of English is just fine. I’ve seen native speakers write much less coherently.
I would remove as much from the query as you can, such as the GROUP BY, the summing etc until it works as a really simple graph, then add the content back piece by piece