Add support for bun as a Javascript runtime

hi community,

bun seem to be faster than node when it comes to building things.
bun is also out of the box javascript bundler, support typescript by default and faster in many ways, I believe supporting bun now is like a win for future.

Is there any plans or experiments going on?

Also one great feature bun adds is Global Cache.
My laptop have Gigabytes of node modules here and there in every project, bun there have all packages downloaded from the registry are stored in a global cache, which can be re-used from there only in every project without having many copies…

Hello @bujupah

In what context would bun be used within grafana ecosystem?

Hi @yosiasz
Building apps/plugins I believe

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HI @bujupah

Thanks for bringing this up! Bun is indeed a promising tool with some impressive features.

At the moment, we don’t have any immediate plans to support it. Supporting multiple platforms would require a significant amount of maintenance effort on our end, which we believe could be more effectively channeled towards enhancing our existing tooling, refining our documentation, and improving our API.

By the way, if you’re facing issues related to plugin dependencies consuming a lot of space, we’d recommend switching to the pnpm package manager for your plugin development. Create-plugin has support for it.