Add data source: redshift into grafana gives ERROR:- Metric request error

Host : - psql -h -U -d -p

SSL Mode: - tried with all but gives same error.

Please help me out

Can you open the Chrome dev tools and see if there is a more detailed error in the console. And also check the Grafana server logs for a more detailed error.

EDIT: just noticed your host address. What is that? It does not look like a valid host. It looks like the command for the psql commandline tool.

I am getting the same error too.
Grafana: v5.1.3
Datasource: Postgresql

i have created a user “grafana” and GRANT ALL permission for my database too. I am using the same user credentials to connect to Grafana.

EDIT: Chrome Dev Tool screenshot attached

Hello @andrewjames0304, i have the same error as you, did you find any solution?

I think this error is due to “http://” in the beginning. Just say localhost or the IP address of the postgres server.