Add Custom banner on all grafana page

Hello Dear Community.

We want to achive something on our grafana, who look very simple, be in fact, maybe not possible. The main goal is to display a “banner” or “header” dunno what is the correct name on each page when we are deploying code in production.

By doing this we can advice any customer that we are doing stuff and if something go wrong to wait.

We are using grafana 8.5.15 actually.

I hvn’t found any solution or topic with any anwser about it. If someone has a way to do it, we would be super thanksfull to him/her.



Is this code deployment related directly to grafana?
And the customer notification is in regards to grafana issues or some other upstream processes?

Yeah it does, our stack is composed to collectd, ingest & display data on grafana.

So during the whole process, some issues or delay can happen and some alert fire.

What we would like is to reduce noise and don’t send alert to eveyone to say:

  • “We are currently deploying code in production, you could see some delay or issues during this prediod”

But display a banner on grafana which display the text above. This way is more intrusive and allow evyerone who come on grafana to see this message

We know there is a pause system, but that’s not applicable on our case.

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