Add a graph to calculate the 95th percentile of the network


I would like to add a panel to my grafana (linked to nodeexporter and cadvisor) to display the 95th percentile of the network. How do I do this?
I know how to create the panel, but I don’t know which query to use.

Thanks a lot!

Welcome @maxence1502

Can you share a panel you created showing your data source and a simple query to produce a graph?


can you clarify the above? 95th percentile of the total network traffic? 95th percentile of the network devices generating the traffic?

Hi @grant2

I am also trying to do the same for my graph, I have a panel that displays the network traffic and I want to generate a 95th percentile line for the total network traffic. My data source is Zabbix

This is the panel I have at the moment.

Thank you in advance!