Add a Comment to a table

I have a table that list errors seen that is used by our operational team, the list is generated from a query of Azure Insights. Is there a way the person viewing dashboard could add a comment to a line entry in the table, like a bug number or name of person working the issue?

welcome @jimfallon

and where would that data be persisted ?

could it be in grafana? Just asking we want to use this as a ref source some bugs don’t get fixed right away and we want away to identify it was already reviewed so folks can focus on new items

I don’t think it’s a good idea to persist data in the grafana db, it would make the version upgrade process laborious. Maybe with a variable, in used ${varname:queryparam}, but I don’t know if it would be usable with a table panel.

One way that could perhaps work is to have a web system with its own database, where these incidents would be listed and have this way of inserting them. And within grafana it would only show the iframe of this system.

you could do it in grafana but as @bernardolankheet said definitely not recommended.
But you could use this plugin but you will need a backend to push the data to and create some sort of relationship key back to Azure Insights