ActiveDirectory / memberOf not complete


I’m currently setup our grafana environment on a RedHat 8 @Grafana v8.0.6 (68fe9e3431).
Connection to our ActiveDirectory via LDAP is working so far, the Problem is, grafana doesn’t get all rows of the memberOf attribute it seems.

I’ve made the same request via ldapadmin and the memberOf Attribute returns all groups in which I’m a member of.

Grafana only shows me under admin/ldap, some of the memberOf attributes I don’t get an idea which groups, some are in the same sub-group and some are in other groups than my Grafana-Admin Groups. which I’m in need of

Also I haven’t find any answer in google for my case.

have somebody an idea what additonal checks I can make or does somebody recognize this behaviour?

Thank you,


Did you get this working? Try search_filter = “(cn=%s)” and set your bind_dn to “CN=%s,OU=foo,DC=bar,DC=baz,DC=qux”.