Access to the folders in grafana dashboard

HI Team,

Have implemented to create folder in grafana dashboard and defined dashboard metrics as a Json input with kind:GrafanaDashboard.

Have created three NS and defined “customFolderName: ≤NS>” with kind:GrafanaDashboard, so it has created folders based on the NS, which is displayed in the Grafana dashboard which works as expected.

For authentication using Grafana Auth(Grafana’s built in user authentication, LDAP (without Auth proxy) or OAuth integration.)

I would like to restrict the users to access the folders based on the based on the access available for the Name space, (only users who are part of NS should have access to the folder In the grafana dashboard) is it possible with manifest, (instead of doing it manually on the dashboard or API calls)

Background: trying an end-to-end automation to create dashboard and provide access to users,
As researched we can restrict the users by mapping them as team and permit them to the folder. (Viewer, editor, admin), and it can be done by API calls or manually in the Dashboard.

Clause: until a user is logged into the grafan he is not mapped to any “id”:2 until we have a ID we cannot map him to a team even if we use a API call for adding user to team and provide access to specific folders.

I would say that this is normal ( and expected ) behaviour. While creating user, his/hers API ( and respective “ends”; called endpoints ) are created. So your API call will bounce back with error msg ( you can customize this message freely; but this is advanced topic ) if done prior user/s being created.

Here you can play with API designing process for free. I highly recommend it.

If we park the API calls away,

apart from that do we have any other technique, to map the users to a specific folder using CR’s or manifest…

@srisvk055 dont know if Grafana accepts and can parse manifest. TBH it’s something worth trying imo