About data links

Hello, I need help about something that I think it can be solved with data links. Let me explain:

I have a table with some data about a factory stored in Google BigQuery. This factory contains some equipments that are being controlled by some algorithms, so I need to know wich are the equipments that are not being properly controlled. To do that, I’ve made some SQL queries that merge data from different databases and, well, do things with them. I’ve also created some variables to filter by the area where the equipment is located and its type.

So now I have a table with this quite simple structure:

Those numbers tell us that, from the 31 cylinders located in an area, 2 of them are not being properly controlled. What I need is to make it easy for the user and let him click on the “2” and send him to another dashboard or something, filtering the info by the “cylinder” and something like “not being controlled”. I’ve already have a query wich shows the detailed info about the elements not controlled and can be filtered too, but I need to make it appear when I click on the “2”.

I’ve seen this doc Configure data links | Grafana documentation where you can configure Data links variables but I don’t really know if they can help me to solve my problem. Can someone help me? Thanks!

You are spot on!

If you have another dashboard where you are expecting to show info regarding equipment etc. on that dashboard you would create a variable relating to equipment type for example, and then in your data link, you can configure multiple variable to be sent when clicking the link

check out the two bottom panels here for examples:


Also, lets say I have 3 types of equipments:
Cylinder 8
Robot 9

Now I want to click on the 8 to see the detailed info about only the cylinders, or on the 9 to see only the info about robots, is that possible? How many variables do I have to create and where?

The panels on your example are not working :frowning:

I’ve made some progress but I’m stuck. I made a basic datalink but i don’t know how to make it work:


This is my current table:

So when I click on the “2” the link sends me to the other dashboard where I want the info filtered with the variable “Familia” by “Cylinder” as it shows in the pic and the “Line” by the area selected. The problem is that this are my variables of the other dashboard:
I know I’m doing something wrong, but GPT did not help, nor did reading the docs. Can you help me pls?

this not working?

like this:

create a variable with some fields:


mine is called test with 3 values to select from.

then i create a data link to another dashboard that has a variable called test for example you can make this anything:

then when you click on the link, it will take you to the dashboard you specified, and if you have a variable called test, it will populate with the value you selected

Hello again Raymond. Srry it still does not work for me.

Answering your question, the dashboard of your link works but when I try to drill down the information, the dashboard is missing:

Also, the variable still does not work. Let me show you more info so maybe you can provide me better tips. This is my variable:
Created by this query:
Now i am currently filtering the dashboard by the line 8H:
So when I press the button on my dashboard, I want to go to my other dashboard with the data filtered by the same line:

This is the datalink I’m using:


But when I click the link, this is how my other dashboard opens:

I dunno what I’m doing wrong, can you help me again? Thanks!

try changing your link to:


You have a variable called line in your origin board, and a variable called Linea in your destination board, so the above link should take the line variable and populate Linea

Nope, Linea is just a label name, but I think i know why.

In my SQL query I do not select the line value, just use it as a variable to filter the data. I managed to get it with the family filter:


And now, when I click the link, the other dashboard filters by the field of the family. But this is because as I showed you before, the family field is already on the query, may I do the same with the line to get the filter to work? I can hide that field later in a transformation so it won’t be a big deal.