404 on the public

I have installed the binaries and i am behind a NGINX that i can not control.
I have a https://URL/grafana location for my grafana. When i access that URL i see in the logging that it does a redirect.
After the redirect to login it starts give errors (404).

INFO[11-15|13:38:25] Request Completed logger=context userId=0 orgId=1 uname= method=GET path=//public/build/grafana.dark.css status=404 remote_addr= time_ms=3 size=8674 referer=https://URL/grafana
(i removed IP from information, in this post )

My configuration is

/# The public facing domain name used to access grafana from a browser
domain = test.friam-mon.europe

/# Redirect to correct domain if host header does not match domain
/# Prevents DNS rebinding attacks
enforce_domain = false

/# The full public facing url
/# root_url = %(protocol)s://%(domain)s:%(http_port)s/grafana
root_url = %(protocol)s://%(domain)s/grafana/

/# Log web requests
router_logging = false

/# the path relative working path
static_root_path = public

I think that i am missing something in the “path=//public/build/grafana.dark.css” because of the double slashes.
What am i missing or what am i doing wrong.


You have a trailing slash here - might be causing a problem: