1VU, 1 ITER but avg, min, med, max, p(90) and p(95) are all different

Anyone have any answer to the below?

I have run the script using 1VU and 1 Iteration.
In http_req_duration, how come the avg, min, med, max, p(90) and p(95) are all different?
I have attached the screen capture below.

Many thanks and appreciate for the help and advise.

I found out the reason.
If I prepare the data in

export function setup()

and uses k6 http.post; the duration will includes what is in setup().

Since it is in setup, I do not understand why k6 want to include the stats as output?
Is there anyway or any settings I could do to avoid this?


Hi Guys,

Anyone have any idea on how to prevent those post/get in the setup() method not to output as metrics?
Thanks for the help.

@Lucas, this is a bit tricky and won’t be fully resolved in k6 until we implement Add explicit tracking and ignoring of metrics and sub-metrics · Issue #1321 · grafana/k6 · GitHub

Until then, there are various workarounds, for example take a look at the solution I proposed in Ignore http calls made in Setup or Teardown in results? - #2 by nedyalko as well as similar ones linked in this docs issue: Add example for sub-metrics by scenario (or other tags) in summary · Issue #205 · grafana/k6-docs · GitHub

@ned Thank you so much for your advise.
Hope that k6 Team will implement this soonest in the next release.