1d interval bar graph over 1 month (but 12pm to 12pm instead of 12am to 12am)

Some might say that it does not matter whether the values of the bar graph are calculated from 0:00 to 0:00 or from 12:00 to 12:00.

In my case, however, it makes a difference.

Energy is stored in a battery system during the day (EnergyIn) and discharged at night until the next morning (EnergyOut)
I want to show this energy in a bar graph. Energy charged versus energy discharged.

With the normal settings I manage to display the charged energy (during the day). However, the discharged energy is calculated from the morning and part of the evening on the same day, which represents two different discharge processes.
therefore I would like to move the time range of EnergyOut (orange) as follows:

12h postponed time range for the orange curve (EnergyOut):
the sections (0:00 - 0:00) of the X-axis are good for the green course.

In order to correctly display the appropriate discharge process, I would have to postpone the period by 12 hours. How can I postpone query B by 12h?
If I shift the time zone, it works for EnergyOut (orange) but no longer for EnergyIn because everything is shifted. Also the entire dashboard.

Grafana: v7.5.2 on Linux (Raspberry 4 (buster))
Data Sources: MySQL