Align bar chart to daily to show KWh per day (and not “KWh last 24h”)

How can I align a bar graph (or any other) to days?
Its always “now-6h” or something “rolling” data, but you cannot say “Start Today” or “start yesterday”.

What I want to do is a bar graph, showing KWh per day solar energy using influxDB 1.x. I use Query options “Relative Time 31d” and in the Query “Group by time(1d)”. Then transform Time->Sting to make the bar chart work.

But the Graphs are not “Monday” “Tuesday”… they are “last 24h” “-24h to -48h”…. So it’s not daily, it’s relative from “now” and therefore useless. I google this now for lots of days and found many threads about this issue. But no solution. Is this not possible with grafana to have graphs “Aligned to day”? Isnt there a variable/Script/… to do a “start today -0h” instead of “now”?
Any hint would help, im stuck there 

I have more input, using “Yesterday” and “now/d-24h till now/d” – why do this provide different data for the same day?

Here is the query:
SELECT spread(“value”) FROM “rp_forever”.“grid/Ac/Energy/Forward” WHERE $timeFilter GROUP BY time(1d) fill(null)
“Yesterday” give correct 32,3 kWh.
“now/d-24h till now/d” give me 36,3 kWh for this day.

Maybe all of this is a time zone issue between display and the selected values? Im UTC+2 currently, maybe the transition to summertime is wrong? I think the query is still in UTC even if im in UTC+2?

After everything else failed, i Programmed a custom data source, doing the Day / Month / Year alignment and duration.