1 legend for a multiple series

Hi all
I am trying to replicate this graph from kibana in grafana (DS: Prometheus):

so I have 2 queries.
In the first, I am using the X axis “Series” mode which is working fine for the bars.
For the second, I am using a different query but I am getting the legend doubled.
Can i somehow show the graph itself as a legend value (see above picture) ?
or if that is not possible, maybe unify identical legend values to one of each across the queries ?
Here is how it looks now:

I have not yet configured the 2-Y axis because I don’t have a single value to do it with.
Thanks in advance !!

The bar chart or Series mode in Grafana is not as advanced as the bar chart in Kibana I think. You can’t overlay trends over the bar chart in Grafana. You could do this as two panels - one bar chart with the counts and one graph panel with the other 3 time series.

The Time mode is more advanced and with style overrides you could do something like this but the x-axis would have to be time then.

Not sure what you mean here - I don’t see any identical legend values. If you mean the 95% percentile time series then it looks like a problem with your Promql query.