"You cannot change password when ldap or auth proxy authentication is enabled" message even though auth proxy and ldap are disabled

I was messing around with auth proxy using Authelia but haven’t been able to get it to work so I disabled it. That is a side topic though. The issue that I am posting this about is that even though I have disabled auth proxy and never enabled LDAP, I am getting the “You cannot change password when ldap or auth proxy authentication is enabled” message when I try to change my password. I tried both commenting out the auth proxy settings in the ini file and also tried setting enabled to false. Has anyone run into this and have a solution?

Hi @ericdaniels ,

Forgive me if you already done this, but have you tried completely restarting Grafana? Many settings changes will not take effect until the application is restarted. How/where are you running Grafana? From a binary? In a container? Locally?

Yeah, every time I was modifying the ini file I was restarting the container. I have actually found the solution to the problem. It had been a long time since I set up the container and I forgot that the template that I used had many properties set as variables. Among them were GF_AUTH_PROXY_ENABLED being set to true and GF_AUTH_PROXY_HEADER_NAME being set to a value in conflict with what I had in the ini file. So I think I may have found solutions to both the question I posted and also to why my auth proxy wasn’t working. Once I set GF_AUTH_PROXY_ENABLED to false I was able to change the password.

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