Will the timeseries panel support shared crosshairs / tooltips in the future?

We use shared crosshairs a lot to help match up state changes in our data. These work great on the Graph panel. I am experimenting with the timeseries panel (primarily for Y axis value mapping!) and noticed that the shared crosshair isn’t working.

Have I done something wrong or is it not supported? (and if not supported now, will it be in the future?).

Edit: We’re currently running 7.4.3


Yes, for us it is also a very important topic, because we are using several panels beneath each other to compare the process data. Otherwise the new time series panels would be useless.

And the alerts?

At this moment with v7.4.3 there is only alerts in chart graph

Annotations would be nice too on the Timeseries visualisation, similar to the Graph visualisation - Even better, allow multiple annotations to be visible at once, so we can highlight, label important events and then print the panel to share with others offline.

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By “not working” did you mean “not showing at all” or “working as a shared tooltip”?

The latter seems to be the case for me at least: selecting shared crosshair and shared tooltip results in the same behaviour (i.e. a shared tooltip).

Am I missing something? Or is this a known issue?

The same over here. Both settings behaves like a shared tooltip

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