Why my value mapping does not apply correctly

I have created a dashboard according to attach pic and set value mapping for it .
I want if it finds error , errors , ERROR , Error in output shows check the log file and change color to red .
Now my output is showing :

Job “SYS”.“SYS_EXPORT_FULL_03” completed with 5 error(s) at Thu May 18 03:48:10 2023 elapsed 0 00:48:07

but another it is showing everything is ok . How can fix it ?

Would you please help me about it ?

is the mapping you currently have regex?

No . That is value . I am not using regex

it will require a regex value mapping. As you have it now, it thinks it is a literal string.

Does it your mean I have to change it such as attached pic ?

Can you please help me about it ?

Can anyone help me about it ?

Hi @alex23

Try this regex in your value mapping Regex field


As it will look for strings:


You can also test it around using the online tool regex101

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