Why does timeShift (flux) influence the _start time of the time range filter?

I recogniced when I use timeShift that the _start time of the time range filter will changed too.

From my point of view I want to shift the data time only! Is this a feature or a bug?

time range filter:


with timeShift:


without timeShift:


Did you read through this?


unfortunately, there is no easy fix for this. we would have to completely rework how explore-mode works, to maintain basically two time-ranges: one for data-querying, and one for data-displaying. that is a big change, and the number of cases where it helps seems small right now (and can be improved/fixed by workarounds), and it would complicate things for other uses cases. so for now we will not implement such a feature. i hope the workaround i described to you will help you fix this problem.

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