Visualization of timeShift result

I would like to overlay some series of points using timeShift() function from influxdb datasource with flux. Please look at the screenshot below, where two charts are taken place:

The first chart called navigator, that I use to zoom in and out on trend points. Below you can see a series of points each of which belongs to one point on the navigator. I could say that each point in the upper chart is an aggregated (max, or mean) value for one series of points of the bottom chart.
I would like to compare the values of the bottom chart by shifting them to a common timestamp as you can see here:

My problems are the following:

  1. As the timeRange increase the series becomes less readable due to the X axis is the TimeSeries chart.
  2. When I zoom in the second chart the timeRange changes so that the flux query has invalid data. Maybe If I can disable zoom on 2nd chart somehow…

Any idea how to proceed? Btw, should I open a new topic for my questions?

Grafana version: 9.5.1 Open Source
InfluxDb: 2.7.1 Open Source