Why different interval lead to different result in elasticsearch of grafana


I`m fish at elasticsearch plugin in grafana, yesterday I counter a problem as below:
Time setting in the upper right corner is from 2017.10.02 23:42:00 to 2017.10.02 23:59:59
if setting interval “20m” , the count of “天津” is 848 in Figure 1.
if setting interval “22m” , the count of “天津” is 374 in Figure 2.

I don`t know which leads to that result.
Can someone help me?

Hi @wjphero:

The way that grafana graph panel handles the elasticsearch integration is interesting since it always requires the date histogram aggregation to work. This causes the side effect that you are observing.
I would recommend looking at this ticket to understand what’s happening under the hood and how to avoid your issue: Grafana showing huge difference in values from Kibana

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hi @olivoarroba
the solution is very suitable for me , thank you very much.