Where i can find a plugin template in react for Grafana 6.7.x?

Hello Community,

We use a forked version of Grafana 6.7.2 and we want to create our first react panel. Where i can find such a template for Grafana 6.7.2, because when i want to use the last verion of react-simple-panel, than i get an error in Grafana itself. And i also cannot change the dependecies to 6.7.2, than it will crash in the compiling phase.


Error loading panel plugin: bi-kpi-panel TypeError: (intermediate value).setPanelOptions is not a function
    at Module.eval (module.ts:5)
    at n (bootstrap:19)
    at eval (bootstrap:83)
    at eval (module.js:2)
    at o (system.js:4)
    at system.js:4
    at system.js:4
    at O (system.js:4)
    at k (system.js:4)
    at system.js:4