Where does Grafana saves its configuration

Where does Grafana save its configuration?

I see in

make all configuration changes in either custom.ini or grafana.ini .

  • Default configuration from $WORKING_DIR/conf/defaults.ini
  • Custom configuration from $WORKING_DIR/conf/custom.ini

However, after I changed the Organization from the default “Main Org.” and save, I see no changes for any file under my Grafana installation:

C:\Program Files\GrafanaLabs\grafana\conf

So, where is this $WORKING_DIR/conf/ under Windows?

Also, I’ve created several users, where do those users configuration saved?

Basically I want to duplicate to another Grafana instance, without going through all the manual configurations that I had done before. Is that possible?


If you using default install, find the sqlite.db, if you use mariadb or mysql, it’s save in the org table

Yes, I am using the default install. Would this be the sqlite.db file you mentioned?


This is the closest I can find under my Windows Grafana installation.

You can see in grafana.db.
You can open it with some tools like DBeaver and have datasource as sqlite, then point to the grafana.db. You will find all the tables that use by grafana.

Yep. thx. it is the one.