What are the corresponding promql queries

SELECT count(apm.service.error.count) / count(apm.service.transaction.duration) as 'Web errors' FROM Metric WHERE (appName = 'my-app') AND (transactionType = 'Web') SINCE 1800 seconds AGO TIMESERIES

SELECT percentile(duration, 95) * 1000, percentile(duration, 99) * 1000, median(duration) * 1000 as Median, average(duration) * 1000 as Average FROM Transaction WHERE (appName = 'my-app') AND (transactionType = 'Web') SINCE 1800 seconds AGO TIMESERIES

Pls, tell me their corresponding promql query. It is a little bit confusing how to use promql features in the new relic. Pls, help me out, it’s very important for me to get them as promql query.

The above two are new relic commands and it would be greatful if someone will help me out. I also asked on their forum but didn’t get anything useful.

Thanks :slight_smile: