Weekday aggregation

Hi there,

I’m currently using Grafana 7.1.1 with InfluxDB. I want to aggregate my time series by weekday. I figured out, how I can GROUP BY day and e.g. show the last 30 days of aggregated data. However, like with Excel Pivot Table I want to group my data by weekday (Monday, Tuesday, …) for a given time interval (e.g. last 30 days).

The project is about electricity measures and I try to find out at which weekday we have the most consumption.

I couldn’t figure out, how I can do some kind of group by WEEKDAY(time). Is there a way to get this kind of aggregation? If someone knows a plugin to get this, I would also be happy.

Best regards

You’ll have to look a bit into Flux or InfluxQL. I think Flux is more powerful.

Have a look at this topic for some inspiration: