Websocket and REST NOT working in sync together

I am working on a k6 script where a series of REST API calls will be made along with a websocket endpoint connection. The websocket endpoint publishes latest data asynchronously from time to time.
The REST API calls will utilise the latest data available from the websocket.
Can we achieve this using k6?

I have created a sample script but I observe that k6 REST API calls block the websocket connection till REST API calls are not complete.
Is it possible to work with REST API calls, keep websocket connection active and work with latest data available from the socket?

The loop in below code is intended to replicate the situation created by series of REST API calls.

import { WebSocket } from 'k6/experimental/websockets';
import http from 'k6/http';
import { sleep, check } from 'k6';

export default function () {
  let ws

  for(let i=0;i<10;i++){
    const response = http.get("https://test-api.k6.io/public/crocodiles/");
    console.log(`Attempt ${i}: `,response.body)

function init(ws) {
  if (ws) {
    ws.onerror = ws.onopen = ws.onclose = null;

  ws = new WebSocket(`wss://test-api.k6.io/ws/crocochat/publicRoom/`);
  ws.onopen = () => {
    console.log('WebSocket connection established!');
    ws.send(JSON.stringify({ event: 'SET_NAME', new_name: `Croc 6575:997` }));
    console.log('Websocket message sent')

  ws.onmessage = (data) => {
    console.log(`a message received: ${JSON.stringify(data)}`);

  ws.onclose = function() {
    ws = null;

Response to this script is below:

INFO[0000] Attempt 0:  ......
INFO[0011] Attempt 1:  ......
INFO[0083] Attempt 8:  ......
INFO[0093] Attempt 9:  ...
INFO[0103] WebSocket connection established!             source=console
INFO[0103] Websocket message sent                        source=console                                                                                                      
INFO[0103] a message received: {"type":"message","target":{"url":"wss://test-api.k6.io/ws/crocochat/publicRoom/","readyState":1,"bufferedAmount":0,"binaryType":"ArrayBuffer"},"timestamp":1689744005564.149,"data":"{\"type\": \"send_message\", \"room\": \"publicRoom\", \"message\": \"anonymous joined\", \"user\": \"anonymous\", \"event\": \"USER_JOINED\"}","origin":"wss://test-api.k6.io/ws/crocochat/publicRoom/"}  source=console                                                                                         
INFO[0103] a message received: {"type":"message","target":{"url":"wss://test-api.k6.io/ws/crocochat/publicRoom/","readyState":1,"bufferedAmount":0,"binaryType":"ArrayBuffer"},"timestamp":1689744108150.6484,"data":"{\"type\": \"send_message\", \"event\": \"NAME_CHANGE\", \"room\": \"publicRoom\", \"user\": \"Croc 6575:997\", \"message\": \"User anonymous changed name to 'Croc 6575:997'\"}","origin":"wss://test-api.k6.io/ws/crocochat/publicRoom/"}  source=console

I replied directly to your question in the GitHub issue you created :handshake:

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