Visualize certain info from syslog or pcap

Hello !

I have setup Grafana, influxdb as well as Telegraf and Chronograf.
I’m sending my syslog to this server and can as well even send pcap-files.
What I would like to do is to visualize certain information in a graf with some information.
From my network I see IP address through a gateway and/or firewall, this is then sent either by syslog events or recording traffic to pcap-files and on the “grafana-server”.
I am looking for a way to show a graf on how much each IP address connection is using in bandwidth and/or uptime as well as to what IP address and port it is connected as well as last time it was connected. In another panel I would like to see all the active connections to source IP and to destination IP as well as the connect port from that respectively IP address. In syslog events I can see the connection information something like this “IP A.A.A.A http to IP X.X.X.X port Y.Y.Y.Y.Y”. How can I visualize this?