Viewing the Response of an HTTP Query


I have an API. I can send a query and get a response with Postman. But I can’t view it in Grafana. An example query is in the image below. I tried Ajax, Data Manipulation plugins but I couldn’t. How can I do this? How can I view the response from the server?

Grafana version 8.5.13


I would try the infinity plugin. Are you sending any authentication?
Also please post a sample data returned (obfuscated)?

I do not need any authentication information.

For example;
I’m designing a button with the Data Manipulation plugin. If I write the name of the country, I want to show the page about that country.

If Barbados writes in the box:

If Madagascar writes in the box:

show the contents of the addresses. I am aware that these links contain json content. However, there are only a few lines of sentences on my page.

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@omeravci You should be able to view the response in the Developer Console → Network.

You can do console.log(response) for the Data Manipulation plugin to display it in the Developer’s Console. Take a look at the README: GitHub - VolkovLabs/volkovlabs-form-panel: Data Manipulation Panel plugin for @grafana.

Let me know if you are able to see it.

Something like this?

I did a few tries. I sent a request to my own django application. I see HTTP 200 response on Django side. However, I want to see the text written on the page in Grafana, not in the Developer’s Console. For example, there is the text “test message” on the page. But I can’t view it in Grafana.

Actually the result might look like this but I will send the country name via a button. I will write the country name in a box. I will click the button and the button will add the country in the box to the link and send a query.

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@omeravci This is strange that response is undefined, when you can see HTTP 200 response.

Looking at your Custom Code, you supposed to see response in the Browser’s Console, do you see anything or it’s undefined as well?

Hi, I have a sample application with Django. When I click the button;
On the django side the result looks like this:

On the browser side it looks like this:

My plugin interface is like this:


Anyone have any ideas?

@omeravci, What do you see in the “Preview” section of the request?

Also, I would recommend using the Custom Code (GitHub - VolkovLabs/volkovlabs-form-panel: Data Manipulation Panel for @grafana.), where you will have more control over the request to troubleshoot the issue and then switch to POST requests if it works.