Usinge Gantt Chart

hello, every one
I try to configure a gantt chart using grafana and promethueus, but i can’t do please if any one has an example to show me how this plugin work.


I can show you an example with a Google Sheet as the data source. Give me a day to get back to you.

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Thank you very much, I am waiting for you.

I do not know anything about Prometheus. Having said that, here is how I use the Gantt chart plugin…
My data is simply 3 columns and 65 rows: A: WO# (a string variable), B: Start Time and C: End Time. Start Time and End Time are both in Epoch time format. Here is what it looks like:


Hello and thank you for this example ,
I also have a table in my postgresql database which contains 3 columns and 200 rows: A: Name (a string variable) , B: Start Time and C: End Time. Start Time and End Time, but that doesn’t work :neutral_face:
Like This :

Thank you very much,
it worked, the problem is that we had to add “Format as : Table” and not as Time series.

It might be interesting if I someone will have the same problem :grinning:

I’m also facing similar issue , I have a postgres datasource with columns name(varchar),starttime(timestamp),endtime(timestamp) and format as “table”
but still the data is not loaded in graph , not sure what I’m doing wrong

Resolved , Experiment mode was disabled , with it enabled the record very displayed properly