Using variables in Panel Options


I have a dynamic dashboard where I can select a system from a drop down list which is a variable that uses a Flux query to generate. I’m already using the variable in my panel Flux queries to bring up pertinent information for the system selected.

Is it possible to use the variables in other areas like the Panel Options? An example would be in the Value Mappings where I would like to use the variable that controls the system selection rather than use the system name. I thought you could use it in a format like $system\ but that isn’t working, just using $system doesn’t work either.

The use case here is that I have a general graph on my dashboard that shows all systems. I’d like to be able to have the particular system I choose in the drop down to change the color of the system among others so it stands out.


Most panel options do not support template variables, unfortunately, and there are quite a few issues open regarding it.

Wow, request going back to 2014…doesn’t give much hope.

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