Using the "field name" in alert message (flux)

I have a hard time figuring out how to use the field name in the alert message in my Grafana 9.3.6 instance.

I found a couple of forum posts but the apparently the documentation webpages of Grafana have been restructured and I am constantly bumping in 404. I also found an unanswered related post e.g.

Long story short, this is my alert, which triggers nicely but as you can see, each subplot has the same label 1-wire ecap-s010, but I’d like to display the actual r._field which should look something like rack23-temp.

Here you can see that the alert I get does not name the actual r._field, so based on the mail, I have no idea which rack is burning :wink:

I don’t really understand how and where to put what in the template, so any advise would be more than welcome.

I am pretty sure I have to fill here some {{ ... }} placeholders but absolutely no idea where to start. I also have not found any way to display a preview of the message, so I have to force the alarm to be triggered to get the mail, which is kind of annoying too. I am sure I overlook something…