Using the data from two queries to make a single centre zero gauge

I have two values which are extracted from two Influx databases. The data source is set to “mixed” and that al works ok. One value is “power generated” and the other “power consumed”. I want to calculate the difference between the two which will be the “net” power. I then want to create a single gauge with a top zero and positive and negative net power. I have created gauges for each value but cannot see how to create a single value which I can then use for a single gauge. Any ideas?

Just to be clear, do you want / expect your gauge to look like this?

Regarding the difference between your two queries, did you try using a simple Binary operation Transform?

Yes, that is the display I am trying to create. I will have to look up the Binary Transform to see if that will do the job; I am using 7.4.3 at present so will need to see if V8 is required.

Thanks for the pointer; I will now go and do some homework!

Excellent! I now have the display that I wanted.

The Binary Transform took a little time to sort out as it loaded with options but I managed to get the desired result in the end.

Thank you very much for your help.

Great. Please mark the above as Solution so others can find it in the future.

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