UserInfoJson.attributes deserialization during OIDC authentication

I use Grafana with oidc authentication. For some users my userinfo endpoint returns json with
attributes property in the format:
"attributes": "{\"propety\":[\"propertyValue\"]}"

Grafana fails with the deserialization of this property with error:
cannot unmarshal string into Go struct field UserInfoJson.attributes of type map[string][]string

I want Grafana to ignore this property in my case. Is there any protocol standard which says that attributes property must be in format map[string][]string ? I haven’t found anything like that.

Environment :

  • Grafana v7.2.0-pre
  • IdentityServer4 OIDC authentication

Hello :wave: and welcome to the forum, @astimus

I wonder if this issue would resolve itself with an upgrade to a newer Grafana. 7.2.0 launched September 2020…

and here are the newest docs for OIDC + grafana auth