User variable so each user may different results

Is there a way to create a user variable so each individual will see different results on a dashboard?

For example: Several people will give someone feedback though a survey and I would like that person to have a login to see the results of their feedback as shown in the attached image.


This is popular feature request but not implemented / on roadmap yet


Thanks. Maybe I can add the feature.

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Hello Torkel,

I see many requests for this feature and it should be quite simple to implement.
Any reason it is not on the roadmap ?

I vote for it :wink:

Hi Torkel,

any possibility to add this item in roadmap ?

I have been reading the different issues in github related to this. In particular I was exited to see this one progressing Dashboards: allow string manipulation as advanced variable format option (fix #8259) by rscot231 · Pull Request #29754 · grafana/grafana · GitHub
but it got to a stop… I understand it was crazy. @torkel

I was wondering whether the following option has been considered:

  1. Allow variable interpolation in “Constant” variable (OK, maybe add another variable type that looks just like “Constant” but with variable interpolation active). For example, this should work:

    Value: ${__user.login}

  2. Allow “Regexp”. Then for a user login handle “pedro_perez” the following would produce

      Value: ${__user.login}
      Regex: /\w+[_](?<value>[\w]+)/g
      Preview of Values

Thanks for your attention