Use boolean in "Time series" graph

I have boolean data stored in influxdb and would like to see this in a graph together with other data. It is working with Grafana v7.5.3 but the way I did is no longer working with Grafana v8.0.3. I know the “State timeline” but my Use Case is to see this together with other data inside the same graph and there I’m using the “Time series” graph. Compare also attached picture below. There are several time series graphs and “Beschattung” is intentionally a boolean value. It can be only true or false which will be translated to “An” (on) and “Aus” (off) via a “value mapping”. The original data is intentionally boolean and technically it would not makes sense to change this.

How can I use boolean inside time series graphs?

Many thanks!

I too have this exact same need and cannot get it to work. If anyone has a working graph of a boolean overlaid onto a time series graph, please share.

I tried again with version 8.1.1 and it works again. Below my configuration…