Upgrade to V7 - Process to backup Grafana with Postgres data source

I just installed Grafana 6 last week, and now I’m looking at upgrading.
Not too much invested, but I did want to back up my work so far.

Following the instructions here, I found the process to backup the grafana database:

#### postgres

> pg_dump grafana > grafana_backup

> psql grafana < grafana_backup

On windows server 2008r2, I used the command:

"c:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\12\bin>pg_dump.exe" -h localhost -p 5432 -U postgres grafana > D:\Backup\Grafana\grafana-6-backup.sql

This results in the error “database grafana does not exist”. This is confirmed by pgadmin. There is no grafana database.

I expected that grafana had created a database on the Postgres data source containing the settings, dashboards, and panels that I had configured. Apparently not.
What should I back up before upgrading, if anything?

Hi - I’m a very new user. I just installed Grafana 6.7.3 in Windows a few weeks ago, and now there’s an update to 7. In my first post, I gathered that grafana used a datasource to store its configuration in a database called grafana. Apparently not.

I re-read the article on upgrading ignoring the database backup part, but still have some basic questions.

From the article:


"If you downloaded the Windows binary package…

I didn’t - I used the MSI installer. Can I use the MSI installer again? Uninstall first or not? Will it affect my existing settings or not?

…you can just download a newer package and extract to the same location (and overwrite the existing files). This might overwrite your config changes.

That’s what I want to avoid…

“We recommend that you save your config changes in a file named <grafana_install_dir>/conf/custom.ini as this will make upgrades easier without risking losing your config changes.”

OK - sounds good - how do I do that? Is that done from the browser UI? Or from the server’s filesystem? Does this mean just backing up the c:\program files\grafana labs\grafana\conf directory? There is no file named custom.ini in that directory - am I supposed to create one? What would go into it?